2021 JCB JS131

As the only 13-ton excavator on the market that doesn't require a DPF, SCR or DEF after-treatment, the JS131 is, primarily, a machine designed to maximize uptime and profit. It's also built tough enough to withstand the sort of treatment to which rental machines are often subjected. Being a JCB, this excavator certainly isn't without refinement or innovative features either, boasting great visibility, productivity, efficiency, comfort and safety.

  • Dimensions
    Maximum Operating Weight 31,499lbs 14,038kg Maximum Operating
  • Operational
    Maximum Bucket Capacity 1.2yd3 0.91m3 Maximum
    Maximum Dig Depth 19'9" 6028mm maximum
  • Manufacturer JCB
  • Model JS131
  • Year 2021
  • Price Request a quote
  • Category Excavators
  • Subcategory Tracked Excavators
  • The JCB JS131 excavator has excellent front visibility, with a 70/30 front window split and a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and maneuvering. Because it doesn't require any bulky after-treatment like a DPF, the new compact EcoMax T4F engine can be housed under an innovative low-level hood, providing excellent rearward visibility. For tremendous speed and control, a JCB JS131 has a balanced slew and electronic/hydraulic controlled slew braking. Auxiliary options can also be specified with proportional control options for even more smoothness and precision. The 7 inch color multi-function display is easy-to-read in all light conditions, provides instant operational information, and has a customizable home screen. The JCB JS131 cabs use 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimize noise and vibration. This creates a quieter working environment (70dB(A) inside and 98dB(A) outside), meaning you can use the machine at any location, any time. Light, intuitive and smooth controls improve comfort and productivity. The JS131 tracked excavator's joystick-mounted power boost button gives extra hydraulic power fast.
  • The JS131 excavator’s hood opens front-to-rear for easy and safe engine service access. For extra peace of mind, JCB cabs are available with an integral Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS). It’s also easy to fit JCB’s Falling Object Guard Structure (FOGS), thanks to standard fit mounting brackets. The JCB JS131 has a large glass area and low hood line for superb visibility, while our 2GO system fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended machine movements. There’s no need to climb onto the JS131 tracked excavator to check oil levels; all routine servicing can be done from ground level. Steps and platforms have anti-slip punched steel plates for optimum grip, even in wet or icy conditions. Bolt-on plates have recessed bolts to reduce trip hazards. JCB’s Safety Level Lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended movements. Our innovative 2GO feature means a JCB JS131 can only be started in a safe, locked position via two separate inputs.
  • The JS131 excavator’s reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with single piece wrapper plates and internal baffle plates for long life durability. The JCB JS131 boasts the best components in the industry, including Berco running gear, Kawasaki pumps, Kayaba valve blocks and JCB EcoMax engines. Our EcoMax Tier 4 Final engine has been tested for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments to ensure durability throughout our excavator range. The high-strength undercarriage uses a fully welded X frame construction for long-term durability even in the most demanding applications. A closed box section revolving frame increases strength and reduces stress. It’s also highly resistant to impact damage. The JS131’s high-strength rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support.
  • This excavator features a 55kW JCB EcoMax engine that meets all Tier 4 Final requirements without requiring DPF, SCR or DEF. The JS131 is therefore an ideal solution for rental companies, offering plenty of performance with much lower maintenance requirements. There’s a wide range of JCB attachments available to make the JS131 even more versatile, enabling you to carry out a wide range of tasks. JCB’s quickhitch system makes attachment changes fast and easy, and is purpose-designed for the JS range. For ultimate versatility, JCB offers a full list of auxiliary pipework options including hammer, auxiliary, merged and low flow. With a massive 91.9kN bucket tearout and fast cycle times, this is an extremely productive excavator in all applications. JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system means oil is recycled across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption. Our JCB EcoMax Stage 4 Tier 4 Final engine uses up to 10% less fuel than existing 13T excavators, saving you money. This is partly because it produces high torque at just 1200 rpm, making for fuel-efficient matching of the revised hydraulic system.
  • Unlike all other Tier 4 Final track excavators, the JCB JS131 meets regulations without any DPF, SCR or DEF to worry about. JCB’s In-Cab Monitor checks engine oil levels, coolant, and system errors on start-up. The filters (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel), are centrally located for fast, easy servicing. By using graphite impregnated bronze bushings on the JS131 excavator, we've increased boom and dipper greasing intervals to 1,000 hours for normal applications. Our innovative recalibration option allows EcoMax to run on lower grade fuels. This means the JS131 can be resold across different territories, which improves residual value. We’ve eliminated the need for a visibowl style pre-cleaner with our new optional scavenger filtration system. This uses suction from the cooling fan to remove heavier particles from the induction system. Because they’re mounted side-by-side, the engine radiator, hydraulic cooler and intercooler can be serviced individually yet cleaned easily.

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