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Colorado’s economy is driven by many industries that rely on heavy construction equipment to operate. Southwest JCB construction of Commerce City, Colorado, is a major supplier of construction vehicles to these industries. Whether you’re a public or private business in Colorado, if you’re looking for construction equipment for sale, rely on Southwest JCB.

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Mining is big here in Colorado and has been since the Gold Rush in the 1850s. Today, some of the most-mined substances in Colorado include coal, gold, gypsum, and limestone. The mining industry here generates $7 billion a year and employs tens of thousands of people.

Mining has come a long way since the Gold Rush, and today, with the use of heavy construction equipment, more ore can be mined than ever before. Dozers, drills, loaders, and shovels are all commonly used in mining. Southwest JCB construction vehicles are known as some of the most reliable and durable vehicles in the mining industry.

Agriculture & Landscaping

When people think of Colorado, they often picture mountains and ranches. And for good reason — the state is the 10th-largest in the U.S. for cattle production. Farmers also are top producers of wheat, hay, sorghum, corn, potatoes, and sugar beets.

The right heavy equipment is indispensable in agriculture and greatly boosts production. Track loaders with attachments for mowing, haying, and baling make quick work of this job. With an added forklift attachment, farmers can quickly and easily stack bales of hay or pallets of feed bags or other materials.

With Southwest JCB’s construction vehicles such as compact excavators and track loaders, you can quickly dig ditches and trenches, install irrigation systems and backfill as needed. Check out our drills for sale; these attachments make it fast and easy — especially in clay soil — to dig holes to build and repair fences, plant crops and find water sources.

Using heavy construction equipment in landscaping — such as clearing land, mowing, digging drainage ditches, etc., — saves time over using smaller vehicles intended more for other uses.

Forestry & Logging

Colorado boasts many different landscapes, including mountains, deserts, plains, and forests. Whether your job is preserving forests or logging, heavy construction equipment is part of your day. A track loader equipped with a grapple quickly lifts logs that weigh many tons off the ground and loads them onto a truck for transportation out of the forest.

Developers or individuals who have purchased forested land on which to build one or more homes need heavy equipment to clear the land. Check out our dozers for sale — they’re great for creating temporary roads for builders and loggers, and they can work in tandem with track loaders to clear land of trees, rocks, and other debris. Backhoes and excavators are needed for digging basements and leveling yards.  

Oil & Gas

The oil and natural gas industry makes up 10% of Colorado’s economy, and maintaining oil wells and fields as well as building new ones and laying pipes for natural gas all require heavy construction equipment. Oil rigs are some of the largest, heaviest machines in the world, and sometimes even their individual parts require a special truck and equipment to move and install.

Wheel loaders are frequently used to move pipe and other heavy machinery around an oil or gas project or manufacturing facility. Backhoes, dozers, and other Southwest JCB construction vehicles are extremely helpful in clearing and leveling land in preparation for setting up a rig or installing pipelines.

Warehouses & Big Box Stores

In warehouses, shipping facilities, distribution centers, big box stores, and other businesses where goods are continually moved and stored, forklifts are a must. But if you own and use forklifts now, you know that the biggest concern with a forklift is injury, since the load frequently obscures the driver’s view. With a Teleskid or a Teletruk, however, the driver can easily see around any load. What’s more, their telescoping feature allows you to lift loads and place them on high shelves without the use of a ramp or access platform. This saves many hours of time. Moreover, these mighty little workhorses are small enough to drive into a shipping container, but heavy-duty enough to lift more than 7,000 pounds.

Southwest JCB construction also has large, powerful, rough terrain forklifts for sale for heavy, outdoor work.

Residential & Commercial Construction

One of Southwest JCB’s largest customers is the construction industry. Colorado is a huge draw for retirees and those looking for a new and exciting life in this beautiful state. New homes and developments continue to be built across the state every day, and there’s room for so many more.

Building new homes requires heavy construction equipment such as dozers to clear land of trees, rocks, and other debris, and then level it. Depending on the size of your operation, you may require one or more backhoes or excavators to dig basements and drainage ditches.

A track loader is indispensable on a construction site — you can move earth or rocks, lift and move lumber, place shingles on roofs and so much more.

Construction Equipment Parts & Service in Colorado

When you own heavy construction equipment, it’s important to keep it running smoothly. A broken-down construction vehicle impacts your project delivery date. Order your parts from Southwest JCB, and keep all your heavy construction vehicles in top shape.

Despite your best efforts, if one of your construction vehicles should break down, call on Southwest JCB for service. And keep in mind that we also have used heavy construction equipment for sale. Don’t miss a bargain!

Southwest JCB, at 5050 East 58th Ave., Commerce City, Colorado, is your friendly, local construction equipment supplier, and we’re here to take care of all your construction equipment sales, parts, and service needs in Colorado.


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